Our experts will help you stretch the best out of your body. We believe exercise shouldn’t be a routine but a lifestyle. Sustain the will to stay in shape because your freedom is just a stretch away! It is high time we stop hitting snooze on our lives and take control with “Contrology.” What’s that, you ask? Oh, just another name for controlling movement, alignment, and the correct exercise execution, or you may also call them… Pilates.

We are here to break the stigma of Pilates being a routine of mere poses but to correctly propagate it as the key to unlocking longevity and functionality in your everyday life, just as the name suggests.
Founded by Iryna, IRAPILATES seeks to spread the bliss of Pilates to as many people as we can. We believe your potential is one knot away from unraveling what your body is truly capable of. Harmonize your body and mind to work in unison, a blissful symphony guiding your body with every pose to your freedom.

Don’t miss on your bliss!